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Ski joëring

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Ski joëring is a discipline that combines the joys of gliding sports and working closely with a horse. Accessible to all those in search of new thrills!


The Farban Stud Farm offers horse rides leaving from Auron. 1 to 2 day rides from September to October.
In winter in Auron, horse drawn sleigh rides (tour of the resort) and pony rides for children.
Come and Jet Ski in Valdeblore!

The farm is delighted to welcome you and show off our magnificent valley while you glide across the snow!

You will be accompanied by Marc Ducrez, who will accompany you while you experience the joys of horse drawn skiing.

After a session on the snow, come back to the farm to warm up, get to know the animals who live there and taste some regional products produced on site.
Road condition   Map of runs    In pictures

from 20 to january 26, 2018
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january 28 2018
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